the maldives - a paradise location

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The Maldives has become the top tourism destination in the Indian Ocean, with numerous, luxurious resorts and boat-based dive opportunities, long stretches of white sandy beaches, calm, aquamarine lagoons, and rich and diverse coral reef ecosystems. Live-aboard dive excursions offer unique opportunities to experience remote coral reef areas and iconic marine life - large schools of eagle rays gliding over sandy areas, whale sharks feeding on plankton at the water’s surface, and cleaning stations frequented by majestic manta rays are just a few of the highlights.  Resorts offer a different, but equally rewarding experience focusing on the surrounding dive sites, snorkel trips, and swimming and relaxing on white sand beaches.

Many of these fragile marine habitats and species are threatened by population growth, unsustainable development, pollution, overuse, and climate change.

Interested divers and avid conservationist have
three different and unique options to contribute to the conservation and restoration of Maldivian coral reefs.

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