HARP is a new, high impact partnership with Anantara Resorts (Minor Hotel Group) that has both global and local significance and visibility. The successful pilot program in the Maldives established the key steps of a larger initiative by saving corals from the devastating impacts of the crown of thorns starfish (COTS), establishing long-term monitoring sites on two atolls, and collecting baseline knowledge on the status of these reefs prior to coral bleaching in April 2016. We have now characterized the impacts of the El Niño and bleaching event and have identified some of the strongest and most resilient corals that are being used in our coral gardening  initiative.  We have established several coral nurseries on two atolls and completed our first habitat restoration.

Over the next two years, we will be expand our coral nurseries, begin to rehabilitate degraded reefs and establish new programs in Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Zanzibar.  This initiative incorporates science, conservation, education and capacity building to help protect and restore reefs.

The HARP Program promotes healthy and sustainable coral reef ecosystems:

  • Generate cutting-edge knowledge on emerging threats and develop solutions to help coral reefs withstand impacts from climate change
  • Prevent coral loss by controling and eliminating pest species
  • Revitalize and rehabilite coral reefs through innovative coral gardening and ecological restoration
  • Empower local communities and children to protect their reefs and sustainably manage their reefs so they continue to benefit future generations
  • Engage stakeholders, user groups and visitors  through seminars, exhibits and in-water participation with scientists
  • Implement outreach to raise awareness on coral reef issues


Holistic Approach to Reef Protection (HARP)