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bobby chinn


Born in New Zealand to a Chinese father and Egyptian mother, Bobby Chinn has lived a very international life – educated in England, he worked in the USA (on both the east and west coasts), then travelled the world, and finally settled in Vietnam in 1996. Along the way, he developed a passion for food and cooking, and in seeking to discover authentic flavours across the world, he is now a renowned master of modern, global cuisine.

Bobby’s enthusiasm for cooking is huge, and his energy and passion are infectious as he cooks and entertains. He is funny, charming, upbeat and at times cheeky, and through his trademark personality, he is a culinary celebrity across Asia and the Middle East, thanks in part to his role as TV personality and host for “World Café Asia” on Discovery TLC since 2007. Bobby has his finger on the pulse; he constantly creates new dishes with a ‘Bobby twist’, drawing on his classical French training and incorporating influences he has picked up in his myriad global travels.

He opened two award-winning restaurants in Vietnam – Restaurant Bobby Chinn in Hanoi (2001) and Bobby Chinn Saigon in Ho Chi Minh (2011), and closed them when relocating to London in 2014. Bobby created the modern Vietnamese concept in the London restaurant scene and launched The House of Ho, which was bought by a private group of investors.

Bobby’s cookbook, Wild, Wild East: Recipes & Stories from Vietnam, was published in 2007 (reprinted and re-titled Vietnamese Food in late 2013 by Octopus Publishing). The cookbook is an authentic guide to Vietnamese food as it is eaten today and modern adaptations of traditional dishes. Beyond recipes, it offers a true adventure story in the culinary world of Vietnam.

 Bobby also appeared on UK TV series such as BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. He has been an ambassador promoting Sustainable Seafood Production for the WWF since 2012, and was appointed Vietnam Tourism Ambassador in Europe, in July 2014. He has collaborated with numerous top international luxury brands for corporate events, ranging from BMW and Credit Suisse to Exxon Mobil and Louis Vuitton.

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