Education and Outreach


Empower local communities and children to:

  • protect their reefs and the species that inhabit these reefs

  • ENSURE that reefs are able to adapt to climate change

  • sustainably manage MArine resources derived from coral reefs 

Through tailored school education curriculum initiatives, students and communities can ensure that their reefs continue to benefit future generations

Coral Reef CPR is working alongside the Ministry for Education conducting a pilot education program within high schools in the Maldives to help them understand the crucial importance of reefs to the survival of this island nation. This will be the first effort of its kind, where students will learn applicable conservation needs and actions - more than just basic ecology. These educational initiatives will improve student's understanding of the crisis affecting reefs, how human behaviors are contributing to their decline, and practices they can undertake to protect and restore these precious resources and continue to benefit from their products and services.

  • The Maldives is reliant on coral reefs for revenue and jobs, especially through tourism and fisheries
  • Healthy reefs can protect the low-lying island nation from storms and rising sea level
  • Adoption of a marine science (coral reef) curriculum within high schools throughout the Maldives is necessary to help the next generation of community stewards understand why they need to protect reefs and how they can be a part of effective conservation through sustainable management